About Us

About us

Template Builder was founded early 2010 by Toolchain v.o.f. The aim of Template Builder is offering beginning web designers a tool for easy web development, as well as seasoned designers a tool for speeding up their development process.

We try to deliver the highest quality templates with the latest techniques. We believe web design is not something that you have to do alone, and our strategy involves a strong concept of a community. We believe you should be able to sell and share your templates and content.

Template Builder is a great place to start learning and also a place for showing your skills and helping others (satisfying isn't it?).

Happy Templating

Our motto is Happy Templating! We believe web design should be fun. It doesn't have to be complex to create a nice website. All you need is your imagination and the proper tool.

We love to hear what you think, so feel free to send us a message, write on our forum and make sure to vote for our upcoming features, as you know best what you need!