The ability to control your home or office and still be on the other side of the planet is now available to everyone. Apk iVMS-4500 HD can help you!

To do this, a more or less modern smartphone or tablet with access to the Internet via WiFi, 3G- or 4G LTE and, of course, the necessary number of video devices in the controlled area.

This affordable video surveillance for your business is not only about simply capturing events over a long distance, but can also significantly increase the efficiency of the business itself and allow you to successfully perform a variety of useful and necessary operations without compromising personal mobility.

There are many convenient and accessible tools for organizing such a remote video surveillance system. For example, the new version of the mobile application iVMS-4500 HD (v.3.00.00), developed by HikVision and designed for use with Apple iPads, allows you to remotely view up to 16 channels from IP cameras and video recorders of any type in real time.

The only limitation of iVMS-4500 HD is that compatible equipment must support the H.264 format. Among the main innovations of version 3.00.00 is the function of viewing the archive of recordings and a special utility, with the help of which you can manage the settings of all types of network cameras HikVision and telemetry presets of all high-speed rotary models of this brand.

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