The wireless vacuum cleaner robot, what we now call the best neato botvac connected robot vacuum, is a real revolution in household cleaning, ordinary and extraordinary.

Or at least it is on paper. Surely you too have let yourself be fascinated by TV ads, or by the images in the most varied magazines and you must have asked yourself: does it really work?

The answer is yes, but only partially. To buy a robotic vacuum cleaner that suits your needs and the shape of your home you have to take into account some variables, and orient yourself towards one model rather than another.

In this mini guide we will reveal you all the secrets of the autonomous vacuum cleaner robots, including the features, the operation, the advantages, how to use them in the best way and unfortunately also the disadvantages.

Robot vacuum cleaner: how it works

The vacuum cleaner robot has been on the market since the early 2000s and since then the improvements and innovations on these devices have been remarkable, and still today constant and periodic. It is a market in continuous ferment and evolution.

The vacuum cleaner robot is nothing more than a small device that moves by means of mechanized wheels along flat surfaces, floors, vacuuming dust by means of brushes and circular bristles. A small tank collects the dirt retaining the dust with larger dimensions.

The robots are concentrated of technology and sensors, which must help in the movement along the house. It is easy to say that these modern appliances make a difference in simplifying home cleaning.
Many of the most innovative models of robotic vacuum cleaners do a completely independent job ensuring not only the suction of dirt from floors and carpets, but also a brushing and a sort of similar polishing; some also wash the surfaces.

All this depends on the equipment of the vacuum cleaner itself, but even the cheapest ones are now very performing and advantageous, at least in the removal of the surface layer of dust and coarse dirt.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner robot

There’s nothing to say, the vacuum cleaner robot is a successful tool that is entering many homes of Italians. Thanks to the different proposals on the market, you can choose the model that best suits your needs and your personal budget.

If you are considering the purchase of a robot vacuum cleaner, you will probably be wondering on which parameters it is more appropriate to base your choice. Below are the factors that we consider most important in the careful choice of a cleaning robot for the home.

The surface

First of all, we need to evaluate the type of floor to be cleaned: some automatic vacuum cleaners, for example, are able to recognize the different floors. They can adapt to different materials, intensifying suction where necessary, or reducing rubbing of brush bristles on rough surfaces.
In the most common case of regular flooring, the vacuum cleaner robot is facilitated in the sliding along the entire house, being able to concentrate the choice on a generic model and without the ability to recognize the materials.

Another important factor to consider is the size of the area to be cleaned, which is important for assessing the luminaire’s autonomy and power.

On a small house, it will not be necessary to opt for an excessively powerful vacuum cleaner robot. The capacity of the vacuum drawer must be taken into account, especially when vacuuming in large rooms and if more people live in the house especially and are also present by the animals, which lose a lot of hair.

The bristles

What about brush types? It is good to evaluate the model of brush of the vacuum cleaner robot based on the surface to be cleaned, the shape and type of dirt that usually the vacuum cleaner must recover.

If you have very delicate floors, such as marble or parquet, choosing a machine with the right bristles is the best choice. The advice is to check that the bristles protrude far enough to reach difficult corners and bends. To help in this case, it is also the shape of the vacuum cleaner robot.

Other factors when choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner

  • dimensions: dimensions count. If you have low furniture at home, you should opt for a slim model that can fit underneath it and ensure total cleanliness even in the most difficult to reach recesses. If you have carpets, in addition to choosing a specific robot model, it is better to check its height from the ground, so as to be sure that it does not get stuck or that it has difficulty in moving;
  • noise: this factor is especially important if you are looking for an automatic vacuum cleaner without programming. You will be sure not to disturb your neighbors or even small children, animals or the elderly, who will be able to rest in peace;
  • degree of electronic sophistication: the increasingly modern and advanced robots integrate obstacle detection sensors (fundamental), automatic return system to the base for automatic recharging, and integration with smartphone apps via Bluetooth or wifi. If the first two sophistications are fundamental, the latter is fictitious. Many manufacturers play on the evolution of information technology, it is always necessary to remember that it must aspire and it is worth opting for a product with more substance and suction performance, or greater capacity of the tank, rather than for the latest technological device where you pay more for research and marketing than the power to aspire well and effectively;

In conclusion: does the vacuum cleaner robot make sense or not?

The idea of delegating “dirty work” to a vacuum cleaner who does the cleaning for us, watching him work while we sit on the sofa or do the chores, rather than knowing how to work when we are away from home for work, is tempting.

It’s a shame, however, that the poor result in the degree of cleanliness of the floors, the poor ability to contain dust and the absence of a system that eliminates micro-dusts in suspension, reduce the dream to an ephemeral illusion.

In short: does the vacuum cleaner robot work or not?

What I would like to tell you as a professional specialized in removing dust and mites from the house is that no, you can not expect that a small technological trinket – concentrated avant-garde – such as the vacuum cleaner robot, can somehow replace the classic vacuuming devices.

And if I wanted to, what would be the exchange?

Having a home that is never completely clean, and having to worry about having spent a lot of money on an expensive limited device to fully perform the primary function for which it is designed: vacuuming up dust and making the home a healthy and clean environment.

It is therefore perhaps still the case to wait for technology and innovation to be such as to be able to concentrate in a robotic device and home automation, such as the robot vacuum cleaner, all the effectiveness of a traditional vacuum cleaner.

And what do you think? What is your experience with the vacuum cleaner robot? Have you had the opportunity to test the comparison with a vacuum cleaner towed or flanked by the centralized vacuum system? Perhaps you have found a way to use it in the best possible way, saving energy and effort. Let me know in the comments below!

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