When it comes to classic pizza, it is usually compared to the “islands” of flavors – spicy, salty, sour, tart. Anything, but not sweet. In fact, in shades of sweet taste you can find such a variety that provide a classic pizza different components of the topping – capers, cheese of various varieties, mushrooms, seafood. But still sweet dessert pizzas are in the range of some pizzerias. And the use of various fruits as components of the topping allows you to vary the taste zones. Choose the best outdoor pizza ovens.

Dessert or sweet pizzas are a special kind of pizza . Who was the first to sell them, as usual, is debatable. However, the country where sweet pizzas were first officially registered is undoubtedly Italy.

Can a conventional pizza oven act as multifunctional equipment and perform special operations? Is it possible to cook something in the oven other than pizza? Is it possible to bake buns or biscuits in the oven? Cook lasagna? Can a pizza oven significantly increase the range of dishes on the menu of a restaurant or operator that works in the field of pizza delivery?

Optimal models of single-level ovens for baking pizza and other culinary dishes

We use the pizza oven as an oven for baking and baking

The pizza oven allows you to cook vegetables for topping, in particular, eggplant and peppers. In addition to the oven, you only need a frying pan, and the oven itself in this case can replace your stove. The most suitable option from this point of view would be a two-tier furnace in which temperature control is carried out independently.

Another application can be considered baking various dough products, which goes to the preparation of scabies. Yes, you can cook a focaccia cake. To do this, the formed crust is greased with olive oil, salted, seasoned with oregano and baked at a temperature of 300 ° C as a pizza. Focaccia can be used as bread for key dishes (as is often done by Italian restaurateurs), or as a separate snack.

Another option for snack bread is semolina. No additional ingredients (seasonings or oils) are required for their preparation: the formed crust is cut into strips, which are then baked. The resulting sticks can be used as bread or a snack.

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