Owners of an Android device have long been aware of the possibility of activating voice recognition in various applications. By enabling voice recognition, you can dictate text with your voice without having to write it manually.

To quickly write a text, be it an SMS, an email or a real document, you can use the voice.

In Android, just tap on the microphone icon generally displayed at the bottom left of the virtual keyboard and start dictating the text.

If the microphone icon does not appear, simply press and hold on the small gear and then access the keyboard settings.

Voice Recognition, Like Dictating Text Without Installing Aything

The box corresponding to Voice input key must be checked appropriately.

By accessing the Google Settings app, the Search and Now section, and then tapping Voice, you can check your voice recognition settings on Android.

For more information, we suggest you also refer to the article Dettare SMS, messaggi e testo su Android (Dictation of SMS, messages and texts on Android).

Voice Recognition, How to Dictate Text to Your PC

After Google allowed the use of Chrome’s Web Speech API, which was also shared on Android, several web applications were created that allow the voice recognition of text dictated, even in Italian.

Some examples are Dictation and TalkTyper. But a demonstration is also accessible on Google’s servers at this address.

For some time now, however, Google has integrated a voice recognition feature in its Drive service.

To dictate text to the PC using the microphone, without installing any program, then, you can follow some simple steps:

1) Check the full functionality of the microphone by accessing the Windows Control Panel and then clicking on the Audio icon.

By clicking on the Recording tab, then saying a few words out loud, the microphone should detect the input signal (the vertical bar should turn green).

In Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, for quick access to the Control Panel, simply press the Windows+X key combination and choose Control Panel.

By double-clicking on the name of the microphone or audio acquisition device, you can adjust and optimize its operation with particular regard to sound levels.

2) Start Google Chrome (install the browser if it is not already on your system) and log in with your Google user account.

The voice recognition feature is only compatible with the Chrome browser.

3) Access Google Docs (now integrated in the Drive service) by clicking on this link.

4) If necessary, create a new document by clicking on the “+” symbol in the lower right corner of the screen or open an existing file by double-clicking on it.

5) From the Google Docs Tools menu, select Voice Input.

6) The Click to Speak icon will appear showing a stylized microphone. The small frame can be freely positioned on the screen.

When you click on the microphone, the icon will turn red and the Chrome browser will ask you if you want Google Docs to use the microphone connected to your computer.

Using the Allow button, Chrome will no longer require permission to use the microphone whenever you are in the Google Docs service.

Now you can start to say out loud the sentences you want to be recognized automatically.

Google’s voice recognition works almost perfectly even in Italian. The system is able to recognize any sentence, even the most technical and articulated, regardless of the user’s stamp and without a prior training activity.

To improve voice recognition, although the quietest places are preferred, Google’s system is able to isolate speech from background noise. No problem even with nasal voices or during acquisition of text dictated in a low voice.

Manage Websites That Can Use the Microphone in Chrome

By going to this address, you can define in Chrome which websites are entitled to use the microphone and, consequently, to enable voice recognition and record incoming audio.

By clicking on the “X” corresponding to the exception you wish to remove, Chrome will prevent any future use of the microphone by the site indicated.

By default, Chrome asks the user what to do whenever any website requires access to the microphone or camera connected to the computer.

In the article Voice synthesis with Balabolka: reads the texts in Italian and transforms them into audio files we explained how to activate voice synthesis in Windows.

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